Winamp Pro 6.5

Plays audio tracks and creates playlists
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Access and play music or any other audio files in the player with multiple additional features such as playlist management. It features a media library browser, video, visualizations and media monitoring tools, etc. Multiple interface skins and color schemes are available.

Winamp is a free multimedia player capable of opening popular formats such as video and audio: MP3, CD, WMA, Audiosoft, Mjuice, MOD, WAV and other.
The new version incorporates important and innovative features. Perhaps the most notable are split support all iPod models (including new models) and the new Winamp Remote with which we can access our audio and video files remotely, either from a URL or from any device as a WII, PS3 or XBOX.
The truth is that after a try, I was pretty confident. Compared with iTunes that was used until now, memory consumption is quite low, compared to 18.324KB for Winamp 60.080KB iTunes playing music from the iPod. Although surely iTunes remains the best to manage the music library on your computer and transfer it to your iPod, Winamp is presented as a serious alt.
The graphical interface can be personalized with masks or skins available on the official website or at specialized sites. You can also add visual effects and sound with plugins.
This version brings a new skin called Bento very practical, with which you have the equalizer, the playlist and the media library without floating windows, unlike previous versions.
Pro version just eliminates speed and quantity restrictions for cd ripping and burning, so in case you dont use winamp for those tasks, just download winamp pro.

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  • Listen and share music via the Internet
  • Import music from storage devices like iPods, mobile phones


  • Higher System Requirements


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